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It’s the headline attraction at your event — the presentation where everyone jockeys for a front-row seat, notebooks ready to document the a-ha moments they’ll share with their firm to build excitement and spur growth.

But too many keynote speakers for the financial advisory industry:

  • Speak to broad theory but can’t teach you how to apply it 
  • Know the bare minimum about our what it’s like to run a firm — or don’t have a clue
  • Use the spotlight to sell their products and services

With just another talking head on your stage, your speaker investment — and your audience’s time — is wasted.

Kristin Harad is the antidote: With decades of experience in the financial service industry and a coaching practice that offers strategies and systems for real results, she’ll fire up your audience and fuel growth back in the office.

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Groups and organizations throughout the financial services space have invited Kristin to speak, including…

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Kristin delivers keynote presentations, breakout sessions, half and full-day workshops, customized team or company training and webinars. Signature presentations include:

The Money’s In The Middle: 

Fix your funnel
to grow faster (with less effort)

Move people through your funnel faster

Waste less time talking with unqualified people

Reduce the time and energy your team spends chasing radio-silent prospects

Boost the number of new clients your advisors sign on

This info-packed session teaches you to keep up your marketing momentum to prompt more prospects to engage — who are pre-sold on your value.


Prepare Next Generation of Advisors for Growth

Historically, the most successful founders have been tenacious networkers and cold callers. 

But sales and marketing work differently now: Prospects respond better to education through content and a slow nurturing  process. Skeptical of the advice industry, potential clients want to validate your reputation, take longer to build trust, and prefer human connection to faceless transactions. 

In this session, learn how to prime your next generation of advisors to grow your firm — including what needs to be in your marketing playbook to focus advisor efforts for the greatest return.


Mapping your Business Develop-ment Ecosystem

Designed for RIA leaders and executives, this hands-on session helps you:

Map out an integrated firm-level view of marketing, sales, and client experience

Reveal resource-draining holes, revenue opportunities, and zero in on Biz Dev priorities

Create a sustainable growth engine separate from any single rainmaker and max out your firm’s value
Free up time and energy for life outside of work

Engage and inspire your team while developing the next generation of leaders

Infuse a business development mindset across your organization

Custom-tailored talks and trainings


Kristin can customize a presentation or training session (on- or offsite) for your group. Ready to create your unique experience? Let’s talk.

There are so many trends out there that are going to come and go, and we’re gonna laugh at ourselves in 10 years. Kristin teaches what works now and will continue to work in the future. So we can be proud of what we’ve created in 10 years.

Valeriane Wilson, Athena’s Wealth

Hear from organizers and audience members 

Kristin started the same business that I have now 17 years ago, and is still working in this arena and solving problems for businesses like mine. It’s clear from that experience and from her presentation that she knows what she’s talking about

Eric Amzalag, CFP®, RICP®, Peak Financial Planning

Kristin is a dynamic speaker whose sessions are filled with energy, wisdom, and solid, actionable takeaways. What sets Kristin apart is her talent for aligning marketing strategies with bigger business objectives — and ensuring that marketing initiatives drive growth and make progress toward the firm’s goals. She connects those dots throughout her presentations. On stage, she brings a deep knowledge that’s paired with a genuine investment in her audiences’ results and success. Kristin will leave a lasting impact on audiences of any size, with insights and experience that both inform and inspire.

Arlene Moss, XY Planning Network

Kristin knows her stuff and has been where we are — she knows what it’s like to be out there getting clients. If you don’t have a marketing background, it can all be so intimidating. She gave me ideas and actionable steps I can take as soon as I get back to the office. 

Sara Stanich, CFP®, CEPA, Cultivating Wealth

About Kristin Harad, CFP®

Ready to create Version 2.0 of your firm? Hand the mic to Kristin. 

Kristin Harad, CFP®, founded a niched RIA and is now a business and marketing coach who helps growth-minded firm leaders and financial advisors focus on strategies and systems to reach profitable new heights, prepare for the next generation of leadership, and create the fulfilled lives they’ve dreamed of.

Leveraging nearly 15 years of marketing experience at Visa, Charles Schwab, Grey Advertising, and JPMorgan Chase — and more than a decade of working with independent financial advisors — Kristin leads coaching programs to help established advisors identify their next stages of growth, crystallize their strategies, and take the steps to achieve it. 

A huge supporter of the location-independent lifestyle, Kristin moved with her husband and two school-aged children to Sydney, Australia for nearly three years before returning to San Francisco in 2018. With a son in college and a daughter in high school, Kristin is actively working toward her own next stage of a fulfilling life.



Kristin is available for keynote presentations, breakout sessions, half- and full-day workshops, and virtual events.

Kristin has presented to a range of financial services industry groups and providers, including:
  • FPA National 
  • FPA NorCal
  • FPA of San Francisco
  • FPA of Los Angeles
  • FPA of Silicon Valley
  • XY Planning Network 
  • The Garrett Planning Network 
  • Right Capital 
  • Alliance of Comprehensive Planners
  • First Affirmative Financial Network

Absolutely — we’d love to tailor a topic to your audience’s unique needs. Let’s talk about it — contact us today.
Yes! Kristin is available for customized onsite and offsite training sessions (half-day, full-day, or multiple-day) for your firm staff or leadership. Contact us to discuss the details!
Kristin’s in-person speaker fee ranges from $5,000 to $10,000, plus reimbursements for travel expenses (coach airfare on the speaker’s preferred airline, up to 2 nights of accommodations, parking, and ground transportation).

This is a flat day rate, regardless of the type of presentation.

Our speaking fees typically cover:
  • 30-minute planning call with event organizers (if desired)
  • 60- to 90-minute presentation
  • Additional 60- to 90-minute breakout session/workshop (based on availability)
  • Social media promotion of the event and speaker attendance at the event (if desired)

We offer lower fees under certain circumstances:
  • 10% discount on the day rate for multiple-day engagements
  • 20% discount for membership associations and other nonprofit organizations

Virtual events are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and scheduling preference is given to in-person events.
Virtual speaker fees range from $1,000–$2,000.
Our virtual speaking fees typically cover:
  • 30-minute pre-event planning call with event organizers (if desired)
  • 10-minute advance tech check with organizers (if desired)
  • 60- to 90-minute virtual/webinar session presentation