Business Development Coaching for Solo Financial Advisors

Expert guidance to set you on your path without a big 
financial commitment

Best for established solo financial advisors and planners who are ready to focus on accelerated growth.

If you're ready to connect the dots among marketing, sales, and client experience---what we call the Business Development Ecosystem---to grow your RIA, our combo of individual and group coaching may be the right fit. This flexible offering allows you to engage for as long or as little as you need to fire up your efforts.

What to expect with coaching

You work directly with Full Advisor founder Kristin Harad and her guest coaches who provide expert advice throughout the business development coaching experience.  This relationship is focused on providing guidance and support over time, blocking out milestones and setting action items to keep you on track. You must be open to coaching, willing to try new techniques and technology, and commit to implementing the work we outline.

This service is intended for the solo advisor and focuses on the needs of smaller RIAs (under $1M in revenue). If you’re seeking help as the leader of a boutique or enterprise RIA, please refer to our Full Advisor V2 Leaders Program.

As you engage in this coaching program, you'll benefit from Kristin and her team along with  peer-to-peer engagement.  You'll learn how to: 

identify gaps in your business development ecosystem and prioritize your efforts

architect your client attraction system

solidify your marketing foundation

articulate your value, your service offering and your pricing to resonate with your ideal client and reduce “sales tension”

convey your brand across your marketing channels, including your website and your social media profiles

capture more of the people interested in your service

know when and how to communicate with people who engage

build out your lead-to-client conversion process

carry your initial relationship building into your client experience

deepen engagement and referrals from existing clients

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Experienced Guidance, Consistent Accountability

Through regularly scheduled group coaching sessions you'll level up your accountability, learn from other advisor's experiences, and get individualized advice.  Here's what to expect:

Gain strategic direction and execution advice

Make decisions about your marketing based on your overall plan

Address what’s come up between sessions

Work together on an element if you’re stuck

Outline action steps for you to implement for the next session

Along with dynamic group sessions, you will also have the opportunity to schedule 1-on-1 sessions with Kristin to help clarify your vision and your plan of action, and to make sure you progress amid chaos. 

Please note that Kristin does not implement your plan for you outside of the work in your sessions.  You are responsible for your own progress and for showing up and engaging in  the group sessions to get the most out of this program.  

the best of group and 1-on-1

Who benefits most from this engagement?

This offering works best for solo advisors who are ready to focus on growth and put in the work. While it is not necessary to meet all of the criteria listed here, the financial planners and advisors who gain the most from this engagement can answer “yes” to the following questions:

Ready to take the first step?

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Are you an established solo financial advisor with experience under your belt?


Is your average client value at least $3,000 per year, or, if not, are you willing to increase your fees to get there?


Do you have a list of leads and prospects (who have volunteered their information)? You do not need big list, just legit list, or be willing to build one.


Do you have a good reputation in the marketplace, with happy clients who find value in your service?


Are you “coachable” and willing to try out new technology, delegate tasks, and create and share content on a regular basis?

"I appreciate the advice Kristin has given us as I am seeing the results of that hard work paying off with prospective clients."

– Matthew Jessup
CEO, Jessup Wealth Management

Fees, Cancellation Policy, and Schedule

The business development coaching is $800/month, and renews automatically until you decide you’re ready to go it alone! The $800/month rate will remain unchanged (even if my rates go up) for a minimum of 12 consecutive months of working together after which it is subject to market adjustments.

Enrollment is available on a rolling basis.  As soon as you register and submit your first payment, you are permitted to join the group sessions.  You will also be able to schedule your initial Strategy Session with Kristin.  

You may cancel any time, with a 15-day notice by email or phone. You may not “pause” for a month and hold your spot. Any stop of billing request equates to a cancellation. If you choose to re-engage again after canceling, you are subject to the current coaching rate and space availability. 

Coaching session schedule subject to change.  

Pricing valid for engagements started by August 31, 2024.